How can I pay for my order?

We accept Paypal, Debit Card, Credit Card and Afterpay (shortly) – so nothing can stand in the way of you and your Friday!

What size are the journals?

Your journal is a handy, travel-friendly A5 size (or 5.83 × 8.27 inches), so it is perfect for handbags and holding!

Why aren’t the journals dated?

Our journals are designed to cover 90-days of planning, but are undated so you can start your planning and your quarter whenever it suits you. You’ll never have to throw away an unfinished, out-of-date journal, or only use half again!

Who is this planner for?

Anyone who wants full control of all areas of their daily, weekly and monthly schedule for both business and personal, along with the ability to maintain comprehensive (and manageable!) financial planning and budgeting so they can stay of top of everything that matters.

And importantly, people who have big goals and believe in planning and tracking towards those goals so they can actually see them happen!

Why are they only Quarterly?

For one thing, it gives you LOADS more notes and planning space, without also having to be an absolute brick of paper for you to carry around. We also love the 90-days style because 90 days seems to be the range where ambition and planning actually fall reasonably close together – while still being manageable.

By looking ninety days out, you have a good idea of what you can actually get done in that time frame, and you can make significant, achievable progress towards a big goal.

What kind of paper do you use?

We use quality 120GSM paper which is thicker than standard paper and prevents that ugly and annoying ‘pen leak’ through to the other pages.